☒️Nether Reactor

The Nether reactor is a structure before called Power plant shaped like a nuclear chimney, with some control rooms on its side, it is believed that this structure was used by Wither skeletons to create powerful weapons against the Piglins. Although it is now inactive, it is still inhabited by the Nether Reactor Director; a very powerful wither skeleton, and the Ghast Sentry, a far stronger version of the Ghasts. They say these guards are still protecting some powerful gear.

Items to obtain

  • Gold ingots and diamonds

  • Diamond tools (rare)

  • Netherite Scrap or Ancient Debris (1 piece guaranteed, hidden in a barrel)

  • Hazmat Suit Gear Set (Droped by the Nether Reactor Director or found in barrels around the reactor)

  • Radiation Shield (Found in a barrel at the very top of the reactor)

Biomes where you can find this structure

  • Toxic Heap

  • Basaltic Deltas

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