🐲Ancient Dragons

Scary boii


These Dragons spawn from 10k and above in Durel. Their spawn conditions are setup so they can spawn in a 3x3 area around the player. They can also spawn in caves in water and basically on any surface.


Their HP scales with the distance from 0.0, this means their hp increases every 25 blocks by a 50x multiplier. Their HP can reach towards 50.000HP on 20k Durel Cords. They're damage doesn't scale and varies from attack to attack (40-70).


These guys have a 70% chance to drop 1-2 Ancient Dragon Teeth, and have a 75% chance to drop 1-3 Ancient Dragon Scales. These items can be used to craft an Ancient Dragon Shield. The Ancient Dragon Shield has 3000 durability, gives 5% damage reduction alongside 5 extra hp. It's very useful for a tank build.

Overall recommended armor for this fighting these beasts is either Ruby or Jade as they're hard hitters and can avoid attacks.

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