🏹Bows and crossbows

Broken Bow

A bow with lingering regrets and durability of 7. It's not really more useful than a normal bow. It has only one purpose: Killing Hunter's Ghost with this bow will turn it into a lot more useful Hunter's bow.

How to obtain: Pick it up from the Hunter's Grave.

Hunter's Bow

The Hunter's bow is an unbreakable bow without any enchantment. It's recommended that you enchant it with infinity, as it's useless to enchant it with mending or unbreaking for obvious reasons.

How to obtain: Killing the Hunter's Ghost at his grave with the broken bow will turn the bow into hunter's bow.

Fleshbone Bow

A bow that grants Slowness III to undead for 4 seconds. Perfect to overwhelm the undead at long range.

How to obtain: Crafted with a monolith in the Plains Labyrinth.

Ancient Bow

A normal bow with passive extra damage of 9-16. It's basically a bow+. Enchant it with Power V and Infinity to make it a doom machine.

How to obtain: Craft at monolith at Olympus or chance to obtain after killing The Champion of Olympus.

Elemental Ancient Bow

A normal bow with additional special attack moves, depending on the variant and attack damage of 9-16. Consumes ghast tears to activate the special move.


  • Fire: A bow with the ability to make a fireball barrage in 5x5 radius around where arrow hit.

  • Thunder: A bow with the ability to make a thunder barrage in 5x5 radius around where arrow hit.

  • Ice: A bow with the ability to make a freezing bomb (Slowness, mining fatigue and weakness) strike in 5x5 radius around where arrow hit.

How to obtain: In the loot chest at the main island after you kill the Sisters of Sorrow at Temple of Tears. Guaranteed to obtain 1 of the 3 bows.

Ominous Crossbow

The ominous crossbow has a 20% chance of dropping emeralds when attacking an Illager.

Evolves after killing 10 Illagers.

How to obtain: Dropped by Camp Chief. Chance 1 in 3 to get this item.

Royal Ominous Crossbow

All firework shots are loaded with firework star. When a firework explodes without colliding, it will rain arrows.

How to obtain: Evolves from Ominous Crossbow.

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