🌊Deep Oasis

Deep oasis is a structure that generates in desert biome variants. This is the structure to obtain deep tridents and deep dive potions.

General Structure

Deep Oasis is a deep body of water in a desert with a jungle wood platform on the surface. Due to small features above the ground, it may be a little bit hard to locate it. The Deep Oasis contains 4 parts.

Deep oasis parts

  • Entry and surface platform

  • Pufferfish room

  • Drowned room

  • Boss room

Locate the boss room

  • Find deep oasis in the desert

  • The boss room always be at the bottom of the oasis

Fight the bosses

  • There are two bosses in this structure in the same room. Nautilus Guardian and Posaidon.

  • Kill Nautilus Guardian for Nautilus shells and Posaidon for forbidden berry.

  • There are lots of guardians and drowned in the room.

Tips and Warnings

  • The pufferfish room contains a few pufferfish spawners.

  • Pickaxes are useless as elder guardian will give you mining fatigue the second you jump into the oasis. TNT is also useless, as the structure is underwater.


Oasis Trident

Trident with riptide IV, allows you to launch yourself 27 blocks away in one throw.

How to obtain: Pick it up at magma block in the boss room.

Deep dive potions

8 minute of water breathing potion with an extra of 2 minutes of absorption.

How to obtain: Loot chests in the deep oasis.

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