🌊Sunken City

The remnants of a prosperous city that is currently consumed by the wild waters of Aten. These cities, called popularly "Atlantis" by the adventurers, are currently guarded by Drowneds, some of which are heavily armored and, sometimes, are skilled at using tridents.

Items to obtain:

  • Iron Ingots, Gold ingots, Emeralds.

  • Emerald blocks (rare).

  • High level Vanilla enchantment books (Mending is quite common).

  • Tridents (found in chests around the city, and dropped often by Drowneds).

  • Dolphin's Grace potion (rare, found in barrels).

  • Conduit's Power potion (rare, found in barrels).


  • These are underwater dungeons. It is heavily recommended to have Water Breathing potions, as doors are not very effective here.

  • Sunken Cities may vary from structure to structure. Some may consist of 2 buildings, while other can be up to 15 buildings.

  • The type of buildings can also vary from each city.

  • Most buildings have secret rooms with extra loot. If possible, it is recommended to mine the roofs of every building to find such rooms.

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