🌊Stage I

Welcome hope you stay here for a while!

What is the server about?

Dragon Shield is a MMO RPG variant of minecraft mixed with survival and quests to give a true feeling of a premium modded experience without having to download anything. The server is ever developing we never do resets and we plan to truly make a giant community. Our priority for updates is world building, story development, bug fixes and stability. We do add other stuff. There's also active random events to earn you in-game money or perks.

Ok that sounds great, what now?

There's a couple paths you can take at the start I'll be giving you a couple of tips. First of all there is a /tutorial which if you do complete you do get 5k, which can start you well off. The next step would be to talk to Marija at spawn finish the pig quest for 3k, and then head to Jason to accept the creeper quest. After that you may start your journey by exploring all the different worlds. We recommend heading to Aten as it's the easiest and you can actually make your first base there without dying constantly. You can't build in Arg as it's a dungeon world which resets so there's always a fresh amount of dungeons to loot. Durel is the second option for starting.. Much harder, levelled mobs, hypoxia and fatigue when mining along side other deadly custom mobs and no keep inventory.

Settled down?

If you decided to settle down or to immediately get into action it doesn't really matter. Ideally your current goal in Stage I is to get netherite. You can do this through the normal boring method of going to the nether and mining it. Another option is to loot the custom structures, while the third is to exploit the player economy and look through player warps to see if someone is actually selling any. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter how you got it.

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