⛰️Stage III

Congratulations for making it here!

You've made it past 61% of the community!

We we're last left of in the end with Enderite, now that you have enough for molds it's time to head to 20k cords Arg or Durel where it's more commonly found. It's time to get some Malachite! Once you have a fully enchanted Malachite set it's time to fight the first Progression Boss - Maalik. He drops a solid sword stronger than Malachite which has a Quick Hand rune slot. You can find the rune trader right of spawn but I'm pretty sure we all know where he is. The weapon also has a Vitality rune slot which can be filled with a Vitality rune, to get the Vitality rune please look into the Vitality Feather.

You've learned how to walk!

Now it's time we talk! It's time to head back into Arg or Durel to finally find some Amber wooho πŸŽ‰! Alot of players like to call this the middle ore, as with it you can both kill Maalik if you had difficulties in Malachite as well as try on the second Progression Boss Holy Guardian. The weapon he drops is both deadly and fast and it also has a Precision Rune Slot to buff it's crit and parry percentages.

Time to learn how to ride a bike!

"Uhh I never learned how to ride one in real life" - You probably. Jokes aside here's a tutorial how to ride a bike. Moving on. It's time to head to Durel dun dun duuuun. You need to head above 10k+ to find Ruby. Bring any potions, golden apples, totems, anything that can save you in a dire situation. Once you're fully geared in Ruby it's time to find and take on the Ancient Dragons! They can do alot of damage and are fast so it's recommended to be careful with them. They drop a very good shield which is very useful in boss fights.

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