🏰Illager fort

A massive fort found mostly in plains and heavily guarded by all types of illagers; pillagers, vindicators, evokers, and even illusioners! These illagers are far stronger that your average enemies, so you can be quickly overwhelmed in this dungeon if you don't proceed with caution!

Items to obtain

  • Iron ingots, Gold ingots, Emeralds, Diamonds.

  • Totems of Undying (Dropped from evokers)

  • Iron gear, Diamond gear.

  • Vex Trims


  • Vindicators are immune to knockback in this structure. Swords are not very effective against them.

  • Evokers attack in groups; if you hit an illager or if one see you, all evokers in the vicinity will spawn spells and summon vexes on you. It is strongly recommended to dispatch them all before fully exploring this structure.

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