Olympus is a mega-structure that generates in jungle biomes. This is the structure to obtain ancient tools and Crowns of Olympus.

General Structure

Olympus is a gigantic stone temple in the middle of a jungle. It's very hard to miss especially with an aerial view. The entrance is on the lower balcony. The boss room requires you to unlock the doors.

Locate the boss room

  • The entrance is at the third floor with a pressure plate. Step on it and get back or, well, blow up. Then there's another pressure plate with TNT under, it's recommended to drop an item to set it off as the pressure plate is made of wood. Then you have to jump to the first floor below.

  • The first floor is a labyrinth, figure your way out.

  • The second floor has four alleys. only one leads to the next floor. The rest may contain monoliths or ancient debris.

  • The third floor is the entrance, a mine, and the gate to the boss room which requires three Olympus Keys.

  • The fourth room is the boss room. This is it.

Fight the boss

  • Start the fight by moving toward the the spawner on the throne.

  • This boss is very tricky. He has three modes: Sword, Bow, and Pickaxe mode with special moves according to the tool.

Tips and Warning

  • The mobs here have netherite gear. Needless to say, you also need netherite or golem heart gear.

  • Light up the area so there are no extra mobs.

  • Small spanwers may appear below the boss. Destroy them as they appear.

  • Don't try to cheese. Digging or bringing in a dog won't work.

  • This is a medium-length fight. Prepare proper supplies and weapons.


Ancient Bow

A bow with damage roll between 9-16 damage opposed to 1-6 damage

How to obtain: Craft at the monolith or defeat the champion of Olympus.

Ancient Pickaxe

A netherite pickaxe that grants constant haste 1 while in use.

How to obtain: Craft at the monolith or defeat the champion of Olympus.

Ancient Shield

This shield has Counter Stun III and grants Slowness V and Weakness V to the attacking opponent for 5 seconds when blocking an attack.

How to obtain: Craft at the monolith or defeat the champion of Olympus.

Crown of Olympus

Wearing it grants the effect of fire resistance. Also absorbs fire and grants Strength I for 10s. If you already have strength it will stack the effect level (max 2),It also absorbs Soul Fire to grant Invisibility, If you already have Invisibility it will grant Instant Health I instead.

How to obtain: Kill the Champion of Olympus

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