🏘️Forgotten Field of Flanders

The Forgotten Field of Flanders is a structure that generates in plains and sunflower fields. This is the structure to obtain Golem Heart armor set, memento poppy and letters, Golem's gifts and Alpha music discs.

General Structure

The Forgotten Field of Flanders is a graveyard made of mainly diorite. The structure only generates above ground making it fairly visible from afar. The field may contains the following parts:

Parts of field of flanders

  • Grave stones

  • Monoliths

  • Villager's keep

Locate the forgotten field of flanders

  • Locate it in the plains

  • There's no boss here but a villager to trade for items

Trade with the villager

Here are trading deal with the "Poppy seller" will accept

  1. 8 emeralds for 1 poppy (10 times)

  2. 3 momento notes for 1 diamond (5 times)

  3. 1 momento notes for 3 experience bottles (5 times)

  4. 8 iron ingots and 3 emeralds for 1 experience bottles (5 times)

  5. 1 poppy and 16 exp.bottles for 1 momento poppy (4 times)

In total, you need 95 emeralds, 20 momento notes, 40 iron ingots, 44 exp. bottles. to unlock the special trade which is:

6. 1 Golem's gift for "Alpha" music disc

Tips and Warnings

  • There's bug that you can't sell memento paper. Make sure that paper has 5 nbt tags and has its enchanted glint.

  • All trades are unrenewable.

  • Every field of flanders will have 2 monoliths for armor.


Golem heart armor set

An iron armor set that has the protection stats from netherite armor. It gives resitance and regen on hit but do notice it consumes iron blocks!

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