🏰Shiraz Palace

The Shiraz Palace is, perhaps, the biggest structure you will find while exploring the lands of Aten. It can only be found in deserts and it is filled with several riches, either hidden from plain sight or exposed, yet protected by several soldiers scattered throughout this majestic place.

Items to obtain:

  • Iron ingot, Gold ingot, Emeralds, Diamonds.

  • Netherite scraps.

  • Netherite ingots (very rare spawn, found in the twin towers)

  • Gold blocks, Diamond blocks (found at the treasury room).

  • Diamond enchanted gear.

  • Netherite gear (found in the twin towers, the dining rooms and dropped from guards).

  • Uncrafteable potions (found in barrels in the courtyards, and in the treasury rooms).

  • Dune Trims.


  • This dungeon is probably one of the hardest to fully explore due to the amount of loot to collect. At least 3 Shulker boxes are recommended to explore the place.

  • There are several hidden chests and barrels in every corner of the structure, specially in the courtyards and gardens. Take your time and leave no stone unturned!

  • The treasury room is filled with several wither skeleton spawners, making it a great place to create a grinder.

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