🏰Forbidden Castle

The Forbidden castle is an ominous, randomly generated structure, considered to be the most challenging the Nether because of the well-trained Piglins inhabiting the place. Those Piglins are capable of everything to protect their territory and more importantly, their precious loot and weapons. The Forbidden castle is generated in a logical but random way, with fortified walls and towers protecting the fort you can enter through an entrance and court.

Main rooms

It is possible that pieces of the castle cannot spawn at the same structure, meaning that some rooms and the loot that comes with them might be missing from one Forbidden castle to another. These are the rooms you can find in Forbidden Castles:

The Couryard

One of the very few rooms to always spawn in a Forbidden Castle. Serves as the main entrance to this structure. Watch out for piglins shooting at the top!

The Main Tower

This tower is another room always found in Forbidden Castles, which contain a lot of gold on their higher levels. However, the main attraction of this tower can be found at the very tip; a cursed sword heavily guarded by flying Piglin Brutes.

Archery towers

Small towers that surround the walls of the castle. A lot of arrows can be found here, as well as some Spectral arrows, if you are lucky.

Kitchen rooms

These big rooms are filled with food in the form of porkchop and cooked porkchop, and even sometimes golden apples and enchanted golden apples. Also, the cook of this room hid a very peculiar block somewhere in the room, maybe its worth to find it?

Dining Room

Some of these rooms are ornamented with a beautiful carpet in the middle, but any variant of this room has a small amount of food left inside the barrels.

Pigstep Dance room

A small room where Piglins gather and chill. Wanna join the fun?

Boom Room

(Image pending)

A huge room with tables known also as the Karaoke Room. A single pigstep disk can be found here.


(Image pending)

A room with a loot of hoglins, but also a couple of barrels that, if you are lucky, may contain a Upgrade Trim.

Living Quarters

A room were Piglin troopers rest between battles. Sometimes they stash their spoils of wars in those barrels.

Brewing Rooms

Brewing rooms, found in a crimson and a warped version, are furnished with materials to craft potions in the nether, including nether warts, ice that fills cauldrons with water, as well as brewing stands and barrels, where random potions are stored, including sometimes the Miner's ale potion, the Suspicious brew and the Elixir of undying. But beware of the Piglin alchemists that were working here.

Long staircase

(Image pending)

A long netherbrick staircase that goes up by one floor. The only noticeable items that can be found here is two gold blocks, one on each side of the stair.


A small room with several cages inside. Nothing is left from the poor souls once captured by the Piglins.

Cryostasis Room

Pretty much like the villagers can be cured, the Piglins believe that their brethen can be cured too. Still, no cure has been found so far, so Zombified Piglins are hold here meanwhile.

Magma Arena

(Image pending)

A very uncommon room to find in the Forbidden Castles, known for having a big pilar at the middle filled with Ancient Debris and several Magma Cube spawners.

Monument room

Seems the Piglins were able to explore the depth waters of the Overworld and were even able to retreive the treasures inside their monuments. Perhaps they found the gold that was hidden inside such oceanic structures...?

Strider Pen

Piglins have trained a few Striders to cross among big lava pools safely and they are kept and taken care of in this room.

Icy Room

A very strange room filled with ice, even in the Nether! It is said that the Chilling Blade β€”a cold-enchanted weaponβ€” can be found in the storage of this room, as well as a piece of Ancient Debris hidden somewhere.

Blacksmith Room

The Blacksmith is a two-story room with pipelines of flowing lava. It includes multiple Piglin blacksmiths. The Hefty pickaxe can be found here as well as a Wither skeleton skull, multiple anvils, ores and lots of iron. Sometimes you can find fully crafted Netherite Ingots here.


A massive quartz covered room that was once were a cook named Torte once lived. Perhaps you may find a few small traces in this room that indicate that this cook once lived here.


A massive library with enchanted books within their shelves, ready to be collected. There is also a book in here that tries to explain a little about a certain strange structure found in the Nether.

Lumber rooms

Big rooms covered in either crimson or warped wood that may contain the tools and enchants that the lumberjacks used to collect that wood.

Pyromaniac Room

At the back of the room, between the lava columns, is a throne where the Piglin pyromancer sits, guarding the Blazing hatchet. Not to be confused with the Throne room. There's also a small treasure hidden behind this throne aside the axe, worth to be collected.

Top towers

These towers can be found almost at the top of every single top part of the castle, and some have nothing interesting to offer. However, some without glasses may have a Multiplex Crossbow at the top, a crossbow capable of shooting several arrows at once and at close range.

Top office

(Image pending)

A top room of a tower covered with either green or red glass in the form of a dome. Both variants will have an Ancient Debris to be collected, but the red one will also contain 2 chests (one at the top of the tower and one hidden below the staircase).


(Image pending)

A small portion of a room that is usually found below long stairs. May contain very powerful gear, including netherite.

Sentry's Lab

These rooms are heavily guarded by Pipeline's Sentries, which means approaching there can be dangerous, although you may find the Sentry's Wrath a very powerful and volatile crossbow at the middle of the room.


Probably one of the most heavy guarded sections of the forbidden castle. You may be able to find a lot of ores inside this tower, as well as an Ancient Debris and, at the tip of the tower on the outside, a Voltaic Trident.


The ash barrens is almost void of vegetable life, so the Piglins made these Greenhouses to have a little green in their castles, or perhaps "red".

Portal Room

(Image pending)

A huge Nether Portal is the most noticeable feature of this room, aside from several other blocks, wood and stones that are commonly found in the Overworld.

The Round Table

A huge room guarded by several Piglin brutes with diamond and gold armor. At the center of the table you may be able to find the Withersbane, an enchanted sword able to fend off the undead.

Throne Room

(Image pending)

The biggest room in the Forbidden castle, whose size is as big as the amount of gold you may be able to find here. Be careful thought, as this room may be filled with traps, but also with some hidden Ancient Debris.

The king statue

A massive piglin statue depicting a king. Some castles have been found where this statues were in mid-construction.

Items to obtain

  • Gold, iron, netherite and diamond tools/armor.

  • Netherite ingots (1 guaranteed in Blacksmith Rooms)

  • Ancient debris and Netherite Scraps (found in several rooms, mostly hidden)

  • Upgrade Trims (chance to find in the hoglin stables, inside barrels)

  • Volatic Trident (found at the top of the Clocktower)

  • Sentry's Wrath (found at the Sentry's Lab)

  • Multiplex Crossbow (found at Top Towers without glass)

  • Hefty Pickaxe (found at the top corner of Blacksmith rooms)

  • Withersbane (found at the center of the Round Table room)

  • Chilling blade (80 % chance to spawn inside the storage room of an Icy Room)

  • Scarlet Dagger (found at the top of the Main Tower, chance 50/50)

  • Great sword of Sacrifice (found at the top of the Main Tower, chance 50/50)

  • Unstable Powder (found in Brewing rooms)

  • Suspicious Brew (found in Brewing rooms and drop from Piglin Alchemists)

  • Potion of Undying (found in Brewing rooms and drop from Piglin Alchemists)

  • Miner's Aile (found in Brewing rooms and drop from Piglin Alchemists)

  • Scout's Battle Helm (20 % chance to drop from Piglin Scouts)

Biomes where you can find this structure

  • Ash Barrens

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