🏰Infested Tower

This mysterious structure, also called the "Chinese Tower" due to its design, has been observed in several biomes in the Overworld, yet its true purpose is shrouded in mystery. Explorers believe that these massive buildings were designed to test adventurers, as few of them who have lived to tell the tale have confirmed that a massive bounty and treasure is waiting for new adventurers at the very top of the structure.

Items to obtain:

  • Iron ingots, Gold ingots, Emeralds, Diamonds.

  • Gold blocks (hidden inside obsidian pillars throughout the floors of the tower).

  • Diamond blocks (found at the top chests only).

  • Diamond gear (found at the top chests only).

  • XP Bottles.


  • This dungeon is extremely big and it is loaded with enemies and treasure in every floor. Having a Shulker box and/or an Ender chest with you is heavily recommended.

  • Some enemies are capable on walking on the roof and attack from there; a bow is recommended.

  • The tower is almost pitch black in the inside. Night vision potions or torches are strongly recommended.

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