🦒II Holy Guardian

Stag Location

The stag can be found on the right tower from spawn, you'll see some ladders. Once you climb those ladders directly head infront on another set of ladders where you'll find the Holy Stag.


In the ancient realm of Elysium, where the gods once walked among mortals, there lived a humble and righteous man named Job. He was known throughout the land for his unwavering faith and his dedication to righteousness. However, the gods, observing Job's steadfastness, decided to test his faith in a most unusual and challenging manner.

The mighty deity, Forgeus, master of the elements and crafts, sought to forge a mechanical giant unlike any other. Using the finest metals and enchanted mechanisms, Forgeus crafted a colossal automaton imbued with the power to manipulate the very earth itself. This mechanical behemoth, known as the Iron Colossus, stood as a testament to Forgeus's power and ingenuity.

But Forgeus desired to test the limits of mortal resilience, and so he devised a cunning plan. He decreed that Job, the righteous mortal, would be imprisoned within the heart of the Iron Colossus, tasked with maintaining its intricate mechanisms and ensuring its functionality. Thus, Job was thrust into the belly of the mechanical giant, his fate bound to its gears and pistons.

Inside the Iron Colossus, Job toiled tirelessly, surrounded by the cogs and gears of the colossal machine. He endured the heat of the forge and the deafening roar of machinery, yet his faith remained unshaken. Despite his confinement, Job continued to praise the gods and uphold his devotion to righteousness.

As the seasons passed and the Iron Colossus roamed the land, its presence became both feared and revered. Some whispered tales of the imprisoned mortal within, while others marveled at the sheer power of the mechanical giant. But amidst the clamor of gears and the rumble of metal footsteps, Job's faith endured, a beacon of hope in the heart of the machine.

In a twist of fate, the Iron Colossus stumbled upon a mysterious portal hidden within the depths of Elysium. As its massive form loomed over the ancient landscape, the portal beckoned with an otherworldly glow, tempting the behemoth with the promise of unknown realms beyond.

Without hesitation, the Iron Colossus stepped through the shimmering gateway, its gears grinding and pistons hissing as it traversed the threshold. And in an instant, the mechanical giant found itself transported to the world of Dragon Shield, a land teeming with magic and mystery.

But the journey through the portal wrought unforeseen consequences upon the Iron Colossus. Not only was it now a stranger in a strange land, but something peculiar had occurred within its metallic shell. The essence of the realm it had left behind seemed to linger, intertwining with its own being in an unexpected fusion of realities.

Now, trapped not only within its mechanical frame but also within the confines of the Dragon Shield's coliseum, the Iron Colossus faced a new challenge unlike any before. Its once-familiar surroundings had been replaced by towering spires and arcane energies, and the cheers of mortal spectators echoed through the arena as it stood, a silent sentinel amidst the chaos.

In this new world, the Iron Colossus would not only be tested by the might of its adversaries but also by the unfamiliar magic that pulsed through the very air. Its journey through the portal had thrust it into a realm of uncertainty and danger, where survival would require more than just brute strength.

And so, the Iron Colossus, now a stranger in a land of dragons and sorcery, awaited its fate within the coliseum of Dragon Shield, a testament to the unpredictable nature of the cosmos and the resilience of those bound by fate.


Holy Guardian has 30k HP, and do notice normal arrows do not work on progression bosses! His path finding goes for the nearest target which makes killing him in a party of geared people easier. He has a couple of different attacks. His ultimate fire axe slam does 60 DMG do be careful of it! He's fast we recommend having a party member to kite him while you do damage to him.

It's recommend to either have a party of early Stage III players . If you wish to try to solo it we truly do recommend end game Stage III gear. He's pretty tankable in Ruby, while very survivable in Amber. Make sure to have Unbreaking VI, EXP pots and Mending.


Each Progression Boss has their own weapon with custom mechanics and stats. Holy Guardian is no different. He drops the Holy Axe

Weapon Stats

Each boss weapon have margines in which the weapon damage and other stats scale. Holy Axe has a couple of different stats.

  • Attack Damage Base Damage 17.0 Spread 0.069 Max Spread 0.085

  • Attack Speed Always the same 2.5

  • Crit Chance Base Crit Chance 9.0 Spread 0.088 Max-Spread 0.111

  • Parry Rating Base Damage 3.0 Spread 0.266 Max Spread 0.333

  • Rune Precision Crit Chance: +5 Crit Damage: +7.5

  • Vitality Rune Slot Buffs HP Depending on Vitality Rune

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